Questions about Enerjak

June 4th, 2018, 6:27 am

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Daniel Sokolov, June 4th, 2018, 6:27 am     Reply

You have no idea how glad I am that a sprite sheet of Finitevus now exists on Spriters Resource, deebs is the darn best I swear

Advertisement, July 15th, 2018, 7:27 pm     Reply

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Passcode, June 4th, 2018, 8:34 am     Reply

Dr. Finitevus: Why do I get the feeling this "cleansing" of yours is mostly gonna involve something resembling mass murder? And even if it didn't, how do we know you're not playing with forces you don't fully understand and could never hope to control?

Legoalex-625, June 4th, 2018, 1:59 pm     Reply

Sonic: Hey Sonic are there any other Sonics from alternate universes that you know of?

Like a Sonic who can use the Chaos Emeralds without any drawbacks. Or a Sonic who can't run fast. Stuff like that.

JovanW, June 4th, 2018, 2:37 pm     Reply


s p o n s o r s

a f f i l i a t e s


c r e d i t s

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